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How To Inspect A Driveway Before Buying A House


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The driveway is one of the most important features of a house. It’s where you enter and leave your house every time, give your car a place to rest, and even spend time on it on nice days. But as we all know, driveways are expensive projects that require quite a bit of maintenance over time. If you’re buying a new home and want to know what kind of shape its driveway is in, here are some tips:

Don’t Park On It

To begin with, don’t park on the driveway. You want to see it in its natural state: untouched by cars, animals, or other disturbances. An empty driveway is better for inspection and can provide better viewing.

Stand In The Middle And Look.

There is no better way to determine the condition of your driveway than standing on it and looking around. Make sure you’re paying attention to cracks, potholes, and unevenness. If there are any signs of water damage or rust, this could be a sign that other parts of your home may be suffering from similar damage due to moisture buildup (which leads to mold).

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Inspect The Apron Of The Driveway

The apron is the section of the driveway that’s between the pavement and the curb. It should be level. If not, you’ll need to adjust it, which involves removing some dirt or gravel from under the concrete and resetting a few blocks in strategic places.

If your driveway has an apron, inspect its condition by placing your hand on it. If you feel any bumps or dips, there’s likely some work to be done before using this part of your home for parking cars or other activities that require smooth surfaces.

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Safe Thaw is a urea-modified product with special surfactants, glycols, ice melting boosters, and inhibitors. It reduces the risk of any injury caused by slipping, skidding, or falling on ice. The quick-acting ingredients are ideal for pre-application and post-application on snow and icy surfaces.

If you’re buying a home, the driveway is one of the most important parts of your property. It’s also one of the most expensive to repair or replace if it’s in bad shape. To ensure that you’re getting a good deal on your new home and avoid costly repairs down the road, make sure you inspect every inch of your future driveway as thoroughly as possible before signing off on anything.

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I hope this article was helpful in understanding the importance of driveway inspections and what to look. With the right knowledge, you can avoid getting stuck with a property that needs expensive repairs on the driveway. And remember to use only concrete safe ice melt like Safe Thaw for your concrete driveway.

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