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How To Get Rid Of Black Ice Around Community Centres


concrete safe ice melt

First, let’s understand what black ice or clear ice is. When the ice freezes in a completely transparent form, and you can see through it is called black ice. Generally, this happens at a temperature above 0°C. Due to the transparency of the ice, the pavement below the ice is visible and creates the illusion that there is no ice. This situation increases the risk of accidents that pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists may face. Therefore, it is essential to remove this slippery layer of ice using a concrete-safe ice melt.

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How To Get Rid Of Black Ice

To keep yourself and the visitor safe from any accident due to slip, trip, or fall on black ice, follow these steps:

  • Scratch The Surface

If you cannot melt the ice, smash it or shovel it away. If this is difficult, use an ice spade to mar the surface, this will make black ice visible and provides better traction to pedestrians and bicyclists.

  • Warning Notice

Post some warning notices on the community centre’s driveway, sidewalk, and parking. So that visitors will be aware of the danger of black ice on the way.

  • Wear Shoes With Robust Tread

Leather-soled or shallow-tread rubber-soled shoes are not strong enough to protect from slip, so wear shoes with traction to avoid falls.

  • Manage Walkways

Control heavy traffic on your walkways to avoid accidents. 

  • Penguin-Walk

Don’t be in a hurry while walking on the black ice; take tiny steps like a penguin to maintain balance, do not put your hands in your pocket, and keep your eyes front down. 

  • Spread Gravel Over Walkways

This will increase the traction and grip to minimize the risk of slipping on black ice.

  • Avoid Walking On The Ice

Unless there are unavoidable circumstances, go out to walk on such slippery surfaces or choose a safer path.

  • Use Concrete Safe Ice Melt

Choosing the proper ice melt can help eliminate the black ice around community centres. Black ice forms when the temperature crosses the freezing point, so choosing a safe ice melt that can perform below the freezing point will be the right choice to protect everyone against the black ice dangers. 

Salt and chloride-based ice melts can help in ice removal. However, we cannot ignore their harmful inverse effect on concrete driveways, sideways, and walkways, as well as on people, pets, and the environment.

Safe Thaw: The Ice Melt That Won’t Damage Concrete

Safe Thaw is a great solution when you want to get rid of the black ice and wants the environment to be safe. Once applied, Safe Thaw continues its effect for 72 hours and even below the freezing point without causing any cracks and corrosion to your concrete. Its natural urea-based formula is entirely safe for all surfaces.

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The formation of black ice around community centers is dangerous and can cause savior injuries if a fall accident happens. However, following precautionary measures and using the proper ice melt that won’t damage concrete can help protect against slip and falls and damages from toxic salt.

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