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How To Clean Your Gutters Before The Arrival Of Winter

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Icicles on the snow-covered roof, winter photo

Gutters and storm drains are a great way to protect your home from precipitation, water, or snow accumulation. One of the most pertinent problems of every homeowner during winter is choosing the best ice melt for pavement and gutters. Keeping your drains and gutters clean during winter and clearing them before the onset of the season is crucial to avoid unwanted incidences. Choked gutters are one of the biggest reasons for the formation of ice dams during winter, causing further home damage.

The gutters must be well-maintained and cleaned at least twice a year by professionals to help excess water flow and reduce the formation of ice dams.

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Let us address the top ways to clean your gutters before the arrival of winter and choose the best ice melt for gutters to avoid any problems.

Use a ladder

Take a sturdy extendable ladder with a solid base that does not slip or fall. Having someone hold the base while you climb the roof to clean the gutter is best. Use a small garden shovel or kids’ play spatula to remove the debris, leaves, twigs, etc., from the gutter. Clear it well with your hands and the plastic spatula or shovel, and ensure you drop everything on the ground.

Use a water hose

If you have cleared the gutter with a spatula but are still not convinced of the outcome, you can use a garden hose and spray the remaining debris off the gutter. It will also show you if there are any leaks in the gutter system and get it repaired before the onset of winter.

Using a wet or dry vacuum

You can experiment with a dry and wet vacuum as a great substitute to remove debris from the gutter and clear it. Your local home improvement stores may have curved attachments that you can attach to your vacuum cleaner and clear the gutter standing on the ground. 

Leaf blower

Get on top of your roof and use a leaf blower to remove all the debris and leaves accumulated in your gutter. Some leaf blowers come with a long nozzle attachment that releases a powerful air stream and is perfect for blasting the twigs and leaves off your gutter.   


Slight debris from fallen leaves and twigs can cause damage to your home and weaken the foundation. Clogged gutters cause seepage on the ceiling and walls of the home, leading to more expenditure. Once you have cleared out the debris and taken care of your gutter system, choose the best ice melt for gutters to ensure the snow does not stick and cause damage.

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