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De-Ice Your Driveway- All You Need To Know

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Snow brings ice, and ice brings slip and fall accidents., So, it’s time to think about how to keep your driveway and sidewalks safe. Your employees and visitors use the driveway and parking areas frequently throughout the year. Accumulation of ice and the unsafe methods of removing it can cause damage to your concrete and vehicles.
Ice melt is the best option to take care of sticky ice on your driveways and walkways. You can make a foolproof plan to tackle the icy issues in your premises before the arrival of winter. You can buy ice melt in bulk, bags, or, through wholesale to be free from winter anxiety and get the best deal.

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Here’s a rundown of when to de-ice your driveway and how to do it the efficient way.

Prepare For The Winter In Advance 

Before a heavy snowstorm, you should sprinkle ice melt on your driveway. If you’ve missed your window, it’s advisable to shovel the driveway before applying it. Starting with a bare road requires less de-icer in the long run.

If your driveway has cracks or holes, you should get them resealed before the winter arrives. Because snow melts and water drains into the crevices during a freeze-thaw cycle. When it becomes cold again, the water expands as it freezes, causing the cracks in your flooring to get bigger.

Why Not Use Salt On Your Driveway?

Although the low cost of road salt makes it an appealing de-icing solution, it is very toxic to surfaces and surroundings. It might harm your lawn or garden. Keep in mind that ice cannot be dissolved by salt when temperatures dip to freezing. It is capable of killing vegetation as well as causing damage to automobiles, concrete, and asphalt. 

Alternatives Ice Melt

1. Calcium magnesium acetate 

CMA is a salt-free and biodegradable green option. It is, however, slow to work and only works in mild temperatures. Hence, using it will not ensure safety around your driveway.

2. Calcium chloride 

Even though it is harmless to plants, it can corrode metal, making it toxic for your machinery and vehicles. It can also irritate the sensitive paws of pets in your neighborhood. Moreover, it can leave a residue on carpets and shoes.

3. Magnesium chloride

Use this salt carefully in cold weather since too much will make your pavement damp. It can also harm your driveway concrete.

4. Sand or gravel 

It can help provide traction and make icy surfaces safer to walk on. However, it can also make a goopy mess of your driveway and clog storm drains following a thaw. 

5. Eco-friendly ice melt

This type of ice melt is free from salt and other corrosive chemicals. It is safe for your concrete, asphalt, vehicles, and machinery. It works effectively in low temperatures and on all surfaces. You can easily buy this ice melt, in bulk, in bags, wholesale for the whole winter, and store the unused bags for next season as they have a long shelf life.

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Safety is always a priority, especially when snow and ice are ready to create a mess on your premises. Plan ahead, choose the best product for your driveway but do keep your environment in mind. You can get your preferred solution in bulk by searching for ice melt wholesale near me. 

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