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Dangers Of Of Black Ice For Senior Citizen


is magnesium chloride ice melt safe for concrete

What is black ice? Black ice is the thin layer of transparent liquid water that forms on the surface of a road when snow refreezes into a sheet. It’s called “black” because it has a dark appearance due to its lack of reflecting light back off the road surface and also due to the material being trapped below its surface as well.

Black ice is dangerous, and it can be especially dangerous for older drivers. If you have elderly parents who live in a state that has cold winters, make sure they are aware of the dangers of black ice so they can avoid getting into an accident.

How to remove black ice? Does chlorine melt ice? Let’s discuss.

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How To Get Rid Of Black Ice

To keep yourself and the visitor safe from any accident due to slip, trip, or fall on black ice, follow these steps:

  • Scratch The Surface

If you cannot melt the ice, smash it or shovel it away. If this is difficult, use an ice spade to mar the surface, this will make black ice visible and provide better traction to pedestrians and bicyclists.

  • Warning Notice

Post some warning notices on the community center’s driveway, sidewalk, and parking. So that visitors will be aware of the danger of black ice on the way.

  • Wear Shoes With Robust Tread

Leather-soled or shallow-tread rubber-soled shoes are not strong enough to protect from slip, so wear shoes with traction to avoid falls.

Does Chlorine Melt Ice?

Are you wondering— does chlorine melt ice? The answer is yes, chlorine does melt ice. However, this can also be dangerous because chlorine is corrosive when in contact with water and may burn the skin if exposed for too long. Be careful of how much time passes between pouring out your liquid mixture and getting back inside!

Is Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt Safe For Concrete?

If you’re thinking about using magnesium chloride ice melt to melt ice on your concrete driveway, think again. Because this chemical is corrosive, it can damage the surface of your concrete.

If MgCl2 remains on the ground for too long (or if you apply too much at one time), its effects could be devastating: not only will it cause discoloration in some cases but also permanent damage to your driveway!

Safe Thaw is a great solution when you want to get rid of the black ice and want the environment to be safe. Once applied, Safe Thaw continues its effect for 72 hours and even below the freezing point without causing any cracks and corrosion to your concrete. Its natural urea-based formula is entirely safe for all surfaces.

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Black ice is a serious road hazard for seniors and others. It may not be as prevalent in your area, but it’s still something to watch out for. You can avoid black ice by driving carefully, being aware of your surroundings at all times, and avoiding driving on roads that may have been recently treated with salt or other chemicals that can make ice more slippery than usual.

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