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Commercial Ice Melt: Price Comparison Guide

Chloride-free Commercial Ice Melt

Every year, Americans use thousands of pounds of ice melt to clear their driveways, roadways, steps, commercial establishments, etc. While there are ice melt companies in the market, choosing the affordable and within your budget can get taxing.

Ice melt is priced anywhere between $5 to approx..—$ 299 depending on the quantity and brand. We present a quick price comparison of different commercial ice melt available near you and their compositions too.

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Green Gobbler is a fast-acting snow and ice melt available at all leading online and retail stores in the US. It comprises magnesium chloride pellets that generate exothermic heat to break down the ice and melts it into a slush. It is available in different sizes – 10lb jug, 15lb jug, 25lb jug, 35lb jug, 48 x 35 lb pail pallet, and 48 x 50 lb pellet bag, and ranges roughly between $34 to $63. Unfortunately, it is not a chloride-free ice melt, and thus it is not entirely safe for your pets.

Blue Heat Snow and Ice melt is a blended formula comprising magnesium and calcium chloride with non-tracking blue-tinted granules. It comes in 20 lb, 50lb, and 2000 lb tote bags, the last being ideal for large establishments. It generates exothermic heat and works up to -15 degrees Fahrenheit and roughly ranges between $6 to $299. However, it is not an entirely chloride-free ice melt and might not be safe for your vegetation or concrete either.

Safe Thaw ice melt is a 100% environment-friendly and chloride-free ice melt available in all leading online and retail stores across the country. You can order it directly from the product website as well. It works brilliantly in sub-zero temperatures, is endothermic, takes advantage of the solar heat, provides extra melting power, and is available in 30 lbs and 43 lbs bags. It is biodegradable, thus not harming your vegetation, concrete, lawns, or your pets. It comprises patented dual-effect formula made of crystalline amide core infused with special glycols. It is available in $67 to $93 bags that are excellent for industrial and commercial use.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution

Bare Ground ice melt is another popular product comprising mainly calcium chloride and potassium chloride and is available in granular, liquid, and pellet form. Unfortunately, it is not a chloride-free ice melt. Thus, it might not be the most ideal for your vegetation, concrete, or pets. It is divided into different varieties fit for other uses; however, their liquid potassium formate deicer comes in a gallon to 5 gallons of quantity for commercial application. It roughly ranges between $19 to $90.


There are scores of other ice melt products in the market today. From blends to single-ingredient products, the market is flooded with them. However, how many are chloride-free ice melt is a question you need to ask when reading about the product. With Safe Thaw, you get the reassurance of zero contamination and 100% environmental protection.

We hope the rough price comparison helps you to make a better choice.

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