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Commercial Ice Melt Comparison Chart


Ice Melt Comparison Chart

It’s far too soon to be thinking about winter, but whether we like it or not winter is approaching. Now is the best time to start preparing your property for the winter by obtaining the right industrial ice melt that will benefit your business, renters, and the environment. 

Here is the comparison chart of different ice melt products available in the market. It will surely help you decide about your preferred solution to winter woes.

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

Product NameWorks best in temperatureCorrosivenessPet safeChild SafeEnvironment safeChemical BlendResidual Effect
Xynyth Mountain Organic Natural Icemelter10 to -250FModerateYesYesNoPotassium & Sodium ChlorideNo
Safe Thaw10 to -250FNon-corrosiveYesYesYesCarbonyl Diamide & Propylene GlycolYes
Xynyth Arctic ECO Green Icemelter10 to -250FLowYesYesYesCMAYes
Commercial Rock Salt Crystals15 to 200FHighNoNoNoSodium ChlorideNo
Arctic Orange ice melter10 to -25 0FModerateNoNoNoCalcium Chloride, Sodium Chloride and Potassium ChlorideNo
MELT Premium Enviro-Blend Ice Melt10to -220FLowYesYesYesCMA(Calcium Magnesium Acetate)Yes

Commercial Rock Salt Crystals

It is also referred to as rock salt and is the most widely used de-icing agent. It is the most affordable de-icer, usually costing $10 or less for 50 pounds. 

Rock salt is harmful to both construction materials, as well as the environment. It should not be used on concrete that is less than a year old since it can damage concrete, asphalt, stone, and brick. It is also toxic to pets and can contaminate groundwater.

Arctic Orange ice melter

Its main component is Calcium chloride. Calcium chloride emits heat as it melts, making it a faster de-icer than other de-icers. It also has less of an impact on the environment than other compounds. 

It’s available in a variety of forms, including liquid, flakes, and pellets. Calcium chloride corrodes metal and destroys carpets and tiles. It is less damaging to plants than other chemicals, but excessive use can harm them.

Xynyth Mountain Organic Natural Icemelter

It’s main component is Potassium Chloride. It is similar to potassium-based fertilizers formulae and is hailed as good for plant health. It is more environmentally friendly and safer for pets, except for those who are suffering from renal illness.

Ice melt products containing potassium chloride are generally more expensive with prices ranging from $20 to $50 for every 50 pounds. Potassium chloride is used along with sodium chloride as ice melt, hence cannot be termed environmentally safe ice melt.

MELT Premium Enviro-Blend Ice Melt

It’s main ingredient is Calcium Magnesium Acetate. Calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) is particularly useful in concrete-heavy places such as parking garages. When used in tiny doses, it is less corrosive than chlorine-based products.

CMA is one of the most costly de-icing chemicals, costing up to 30 times as much as rock salt. It can also make the pavement slick.


The main ingredient in this ice melt is Propylene Glycol & Carbonyl Diamide. 

It has a modified crystalline amide core with glycol admixture scattered throughout. While breaking surface tension, the liquid component immediately begins melting ice. The crystal-core effectively penetrates to destabilize ice, causing the melting process to accelerate. 

It leaves an invisible layer of protection that helps prevent ice from clinging to surfaces for three days. It is free from any chloride salt. It is also safe for pets, children, and the environment. It is a unique formula used in Safe Thaw ice melt.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution


As a responsible business enterprise, you should opt for an industrial ice melt that is effective in all temperatures and surfaces. At the same time, its use should be safe for your community and surroundings.

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