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Choosing Deck Wood: Top 3 Picks.


Choosing Deck Wood: Top 3 Picks.

Ah, the deck. That cozy little extension of our homes where memories are crafted and morning coffees taste just a tad bit better. But, selecting the right wood for that haven? Now, that’s an adventure and a half.

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1. The Vintage Vibes: Cedar

Have you ever stumbled upon an old vinyl record and just felt the nostalgia? That’s cedar wood for deck for you.

  • Guarded by Mother Nature: Cedar doesn’t just sit pretty; it’s a fortress against decay and bugs. It’s like that vintage leather jacket – stylish and durable.
  • That Visual Treat: Cedar’s appearance? A beautiful mishmash of rich colors and patterns. Whether you let it age gracefully or dress it in stain, it’s pure aesthetic pleasure.
  • Elegance on a Budget: And the best part? It’s luxury but without that lavish price tag. Win-win, right?

2. Redwood: The Robust Rockstar

If cedar’s the classic tune, redwood’s the electric guitar riff that makes the wood for deck track unforgettable.

  • Strength Meets Beauty: Redwood is like that underdog sports car with an engine that surprises everyone. It resists wear and tear while looking effortlessly chic.
  • Nature’s Moisturizer: Thanks to its unique oils, redwood stays younger for longer and scoffs at rot and insects.
  • Pay a Bit, Get a Lot: Sure, it’s on the pricier side, but man, does it pay off in the long run.

3. Pine’s Alter Ego: Pressure-Treated Pine

Introducing the unsung hero of the decking world, the ever-reliable pressure-treated pine.

  • Under Pressure, It Thrives: It’s pine, but with a PhD in durability. Enhanced and ready to tackle all threats, making it perfect wood for deck.
  • Your Wallet’s BFF: Getting quality without emptying your pockets? Yes, please.
  • Needs that Occasional Pep Talk: Look, it’s tough, but even heroes need some pampering. Seal it, nurture it, and watch it shine.

Facing Winter’s Chilly Temper? Here’s A Pro Tip

Winter. It’s all fun, games, and snowball fights until your deck gets the chills. Tossing salt or random chemicals might seem tempting, but it’s kinda like feeding candy to a baby. Quick fix, but not great in the long run.

Enter Safe Thaw. A Deck’s Knight In Icy Armor.

  • Whisperer to the Woods: Safe Thaw treats your deck like royalty. It melts the ice and keeps the wood’s integrity.
  • Magic in a Bottle: With its uber-cool formula – crystalline amide with a dash of glycol – this isn’t just any ice melt. It’s deck-friendly magic.
  • No Drama, Just Results: And rest easy. With Safe Thaw, there’s zero stress about corroding stuff or any electric shocks. Your space is safe, and your machinery’s even safer.

100% salt & chloride-free, fast acting Ice Management Solution

Final Whistle

Picking the wood for decks, and then protecting it from the elements – it’s quite the journey. But as the snow blankets your yard and your deck stands tall, a mug of cocoa in hand, you’ll know every decision, every plank, was worth it. Cheers to that!

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