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Best 3 Economical Fixes For Your Cracked Concrete Driveway

ice melt for concrete driveway

Usually, a concrete driveway can last for decades. Still, there is no guarantee that it will not need repair unless you give it that care. With time concrete can chip off and get cracks based on the degree of usage and the selection of ice melt for concrete driveways

Cracks are the most common issue in concrete driveways. The small cracks can be filled with a sealant for $0.10 to $0.15 per linear foot. Still, a more resounding crack and a decorative concrete driveway may require resurfacing, which may cost up to $5 per sq. ft. You can avoid these expenses by taking proper care of your concrete and choosing an ice melt that won’t ruin concrete

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Here Are Some Economic Methods Of Cracks Repairing In Concrete Driveways.

Epoxy injection 

This method is applied on narrow cracks of 0.002 inches (0.05 mm). Epoxy injection repairs cracks in concrete driveways, buildings, and bridges. First, the affected space should be washed by water pressure to clean the grease or oil, then apply epoxy in recommended ways.

Routing And Sealing

Where structural repair is not necessary, the method of routing and sealing is successfully applied. In this method, first, enlarge the cracks along with their surface and then fill and seal them with the appropriate joint sealant.

Grouting Method

This method is applied to the wider cracks. Since it is simple grouting with the cement, it helps stop the water leakage; however, it will not create a structural bond in the cracked area. For quality improvement of the grout, admixtures can be mixed with cement for better leakage control and stronger bond.

As we all know, prevention is always better than cure, so it is better to care about your concrete driveways and choose an ice melt that will not ruin concrete.

Ice Melt For Concrete Driveways

The ice melts with a combination of Rock Salt and Chloride are readily available. But, these kinds of ice melt are harmful to the concrete, metal, and driveway as they may cause cracks and corrosion. Instead, always use a urea-based ice melt that will not allow the brine to reform the ice in concrete pores that create pressure and cracks the concrete.

Safe Thaw

Safe Thaw is a urea-modified ice melt prepared to give you the best results while no damage to concrete, vegetation, pets, and kids. Safe Thaw has special surfactants that spread faster, covering the maximum area with low quantity. It has inhibitors that control the reformation of ice at a lower temperature and prevents your concrete from cracking. Unique boosters enhance the overall performance with less quantity and make it safer for your concrete driveways. 

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Concrete driveways need the care to avoid the cost of repairing them. Using the harmful ice melt is one of the most common reasons for getting cracks on the concrete driveways. Safe Thaw gives you the best result with peace of mind that your concrete and driveways are safe and will last longer.

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