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5 Ways To Safely And Effectively Use Ice Melt

Non Corrosive Ice Melt

Winter brings magnificent snowfalls, cozy nights near the fireplace, and plenty of ice. However, for businesses, it can bring some additional safety concerns. Dealing with ice and snow can be troublesome but, you don’t have to abandon all of your winter plans for its sake. 

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In this article, we will know about five ways to safely and effectively apply ice melt.

1. Plan Ahead of time

The ideal time to think about ice melt is before you need it. Do not wait till the last moment before buying your ice melt in bulk. Plan ahead of time to ensure you have your desired and sufficient amount of ice melt for winter. 

Treat surfaces before it starts snowing. If the areas are cleaned and prepared for ice melt, then you can avoid using the excess product on your premises. 

2. Use environment-friendly and non-corrosive ice melt

When buying ice melt, remember to keep the environment and the surrounding areas of your facility in mind. Go through the instructions carefully and follow them to get the best out of your product and avoid overuse. Rock salt, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, and urea are some of the ice melt products available. Apart from these chemical-based solutions, there are natural products also available in the market.

Chemicals in ice melt can harm plants, so you don’t want them to ruin the greenery surrounding your business establishment. Most of the ice melt products have toxic chemicals and salts which can corrode your concrete. Hence, it will be safe to opt for an ice melt that is environmentally friendly, pet safe, kid-safe while being free of corroding agents.

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3. Use it safely and effectively

Wear protective eyewear and gloves to protect your eyes and skin, especially if you’re using chemical-based ice melter compounds having Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride. These compounds can make your skin dry by removing moisture.

Excessive use of ice melt can degrade building materials and vegetation while also increasing expenditures. Use a shaker spreader to evenly spread the ice melt on the surface while avoiding its overuse. 

4. Clean it up

Excess ice melt is a safety issue when tracked into structures. Not only may it harm surfaces, but it can also diminish traction resulting in slips and falls. 

Use high-quality mats inside and outside all entrances to help remove ice melt from shoes and boots. Replace wet floor mats with dry ones as needed, and consider adding extra walk-off mats.

5. Store it properly

Keep open bags of ice melt away from moisture, air, and sunlight in airtight containers. Make sure that ice melt bags are sealed properly before storing them. The exposed ice melt absorbs moisture causing the product to harden. 

If you have ordered your ice melt in bulk and have unopened products at the end of the season, you can wrap them in a dark wrap. It will add an extra layer of moisture protection and will also keep them away from ultraviolet exposure.


You need to choose an ice melt that removes ice and provides traction to avoid slip and fall accidents. Moreover, it is crucial to remember that each ice melt has different effects on vegetation and concrete. Hence, read the instructions and do your research before selecting a product that works best in your specific weather, temperature, and facility materials.

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