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5 Safe Ways To Remove Snow From Roofs


How To Remove Snow From Roof

Winter wonderlands bring picturesque snowy landscapes, but they also come with the significant task of snow removal, especially from our roofs. An excessive buildup of snow can lead to roof damage, ice dams, and even structural collapses. While it may seem straightforward, how to remove snow from roof surfaces requires specific techniques to ensure safety and avoid damage, especially when dealing with materials like rubber roof shingles. Here are five safe ways to tackle this seasonal task.

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1. Roof Rakes: The Safest Ground-Based Solution

Roof rakes, particularly those with telescoping handles, are the go-to tool for many homeowners. They allow you to clear snow from the edge of your roof while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.


  • Stand at a safe distance from the falling snow.
  • Use the rake’s long handle to pull snow down from the roof’s edge.
  • Always work from the ground and avoid using ladders in snowy or icy conditions, as they can be incredibly slippery.

2. Pvc Piped Snow Slides

This DIY solution is perfect for those hard-to-reach areas. With a long PVC pipe, you can create a snow slide to channel snow safely off your roof.


  • Attach a curved fitting to one end of the PVC pipe.
  • Standing at a safe distance, position the curved end on the roof.
  • Push the snow using the PVC pipe, letting it slide off the roof in a controlled manner.

3. De-Icing Cables: Preventing The Ice Dam

While de-icing cables won’t remove heavy snowfall, they prevent ice dams from forming. Ice dams can trap snow on your roof, making it harder to remove and increasing the chances of leaks.


  • Before the onset of winter, install the de-icing cables along the roof’s edge.
  • When snowfall is expected, turn on the cables to prevent ice from forming at the edges.

4. Roof Snow Blower: For Heavier Snowfalls

Specialized roof snow blowers are designed to remove snow without damaging the roofing material. They’re particularly useful for roofs with rubber roof shingles which can be easily damaged by scraping.


  • Using the blower, push or direct the snow towards the roof’s edge.
  • Be cautious about where the snow lands, ensuring it doesn’t pile up near your home’s foundation or block any pathways.

5. Safe Thaw: The Chemical-Free Ice Melt Solution

Once you’ve removed the bulk of the snow, you might still find patches of ice or compacted snow. This is where Safe Thaw, the industrial-grade granular ice melt, becomes an invaluable asset.


  • Safe Thaw is chemical and toxin-free, making it eco-friendly and safe for all types of roofing materials, including rubber roof shingles.
  • It helps in melting away stubborn patches of ice or snow that might be weighing down on your roof.
  • Unlike other products, Safe Thaw doesn’t damage roofing materials or gutters.


  • Sprinkle a modest amount of Safe Thaw on stubborn patches of ice or compacted snow.
  • Wait for a few moments as it works its magic, melting away the icy patches.
  • Once melted, any residual water can be drained off or left to evaporate.

Safety First!

When thinking about how to remove snow from roof surfaces, always prioritize safety.

  • Never climb onto a snowy or icy roof.
  • Ensure you’re wearing anti-slip shoes.
  • Be aware of where the snow will land once it’s removed.
  • Always inform someone in the house about what you’re doing so they can keep an eye out for any potential hazards.

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Snow removal is a necessary chore for many homeowners during the winter months. However, with the right techniques and tools, it can be done safely and effectively. Whether you’re dealing with a delicate roofing material like rubber roof shingles or trying to prevent ice dams, there’s a solution tailored for every need. And for those stubborn patches of ice, remember, Safe Thaw is there to ensure a safe and clean roof, free from the worries of winter. Stay warm and safe!

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