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5 Quick And Best Tips For Easy Driveway Maintenance


safest ice melter for concrete

Your driveways are perhaps the most used area of your property, yet overlooked sometimes when it comes to maintenance and care. Regular maintenance will not only enhance the life of your driveway but also maintain the overall curb appeal of your property too. Before choosing any salt-based toxic ice melts, it would be best if you also thought about what is the safest ice melter for concrete.

Here are 5 quick and best tips for easy driveway maintenance. 

1- Regular Cleaning

Watch guard your driveways for oil or grease stains, and remove them regularly. The fluid from cars can go deep into the concrete and soften asphalt. You can use dishwashing detergents and grease-cutting biodegradable cleaners to scrub those stains and wash them off with warm water.

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2- Protect The Edges

The heavy-loaded vehicle can cause chipping at the edges, so avoid overloading your concrete or asphalt driveways. Also, avoid parking your car on the edges of the driveway and a lot of water flow as it can also cause erode of the edges.

 3- Prevent Cracks

Concrete and asphalt need sealing after a specific time interval to avoid cracks on the driveways. Monitor for any new tree or shrub growing on the edges that can cause damage to your driveway and should be trimmed away.

 4- Fill The Cracks

Fill cracks or holes without delay. Remove the loose materials, brush out the debris before filling the cracks and holes, and reseal it once it dries. Keeping your driveways smooth and level will reduce the chances of accidents.

 5- What Is The Safest Ice Melter For Concrete?

The freezing and thawing process has a direct effect on your concrete driveways, mainly if you are using deicing products that contain Salt and Chloride like Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, and Magnesium Chloride are dangerous for concrete as concrete capillaries will absorb the harmful chemicals with moisture and attacks on the steel reinforcement resulting in corrosion and cracks of the concrete. Thus it is essential to use the safest ice melter for concrete

 Safe Thaw: Safest Ice Melter For Concrete

Safe Thaw is a trusted name among the safest Ice melter for concrete; It is a urea-modified, 100% natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable ice melt. A small quantity of Safe Thaw covers a large area and starts melting ice gently without allowing the water brine to reform the ice inside the concrete pores, thus does not cause cracks or corrosion to the driveways. 

It can melt the ice at a temperature below (-2°F). Safe Thaw is non-corrosive and non-conductive, hence does not damage metal and machinery. In addition, its concentrated formula gives long-term effectiveness and long shelf life. 

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You can make the most of your property with a well-maintained and clean driveway. It will not only enhance the curb appeal but save your cost in the long term by giving a longer life to your driveways. Using the safest ice melter for concrete is recommended because a bit of maintenance now can bring significant returns later. Moreover, due to its natural form, a urea-modified deicer is the best and safest ice melt for all surfaces.

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