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4 Ways To Get Rid Of Snow From Your Facility Area

Ice Melt For New Concrete

Do you try different alternatives to melt ice faster? You may have already heard that salt is not safe for your property as well as the environment. Many business owners make search queries like bulk ice melt near me and have started using ice melt. But not every ice melt is safe to use. Using a chloride-based ice melt to clear layers of ice across multiple commercial properties such as retail outlets, shopping malls, parking lots, construction sites, and office buildings can be damaging.

Ice melt for new concrete is a misnomer. You should not use ice melt on concrete newer than 12 months. It can be hazardous. Once your concrete is 12 months old and ready for the ice melt you can use a safe ice melt like Safe Thaw. 

Safe Thaw - Ice And Snow Management Solution

In this article, we will discuss 4 ways to get rid of snow from your facility area.

1- Answer To Your Queries -Bulk Ice Melt Near Me

Every business wants to use the safest ice melt in the market, which does not cause any environmental damage or pollute the soil. Safe Thaw is one of those rare ice melts in the market that is completely safe for concrete and the environment. It is a pet-safe ice melt. It acts as a traction agent also because of its exclusive traction building property. It comprises modified carbonyl diamide crystals that leach a deicing liquid upon contact with any icy surface. 

2- In-house Solutions

Apart from an environment-safe and pet-safe ice melt, you can also use some in-house solutions. Commercial properties require ice melt in bulk; however, a few small establishments still try to create an in-house solution that can melt ice quicker than salt.

Spread the solution liberally over all icy patches and see it melt relatively quicker than ice. Then, after a while, shovel the melted ice away and see your premises as good as new. Although these in-house solutions may look natural, they have cons because they are not engineered to melt the snow.

3- Shovel With An Aluminum Edge

Snow shovels help to remove excess snow from any premises. However, if you have a shovel with an aluminum edge, you can scrape through the ice break the surface tension to clear your commercial property off the icy layer too. It is a slightly time-consuming process, and it is another way to melt or remove ice faster than salt.

4- Sand

While this is not a traditional ice melting method; however, rather than using ice melt on concrete, you can spread sand or sawdust liberally all over your premises and build traction. Then, after a while, you can remove the slush and clear your property off of the ice and snow.

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So, the next time you search on the internet for a bulk ice melt near me, you know where to go. You can simply walk into a home depot store, check out the latest tub or jar of Safe Thaw and purchase your pet safe ice melt right away.

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