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14 Common Misconceptions About Ice Melt

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As winter approaches, we start taking stock of everything we have at home. From snow removal equipment to ice melt products, everything starts becoming important. We often use different materials to make driveways, and one of the common ones is blacktop. The best ice melt for blacktop driveway is one of the top questions on our minds if we have one at home.

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Quick Note: Asphalt comprises two main ingredients crushed stone and bitumen mixed. Blacktop has a higher asphalt mixture and is heated at a higher temperature, often more than 300 degrees. 

Let us look at the top 14 misconceptions about ice melt

1. Ice melt is dangerous

False: Not every ice melt is dangerous. You have natural salt-free ice melt that is safe to use on any surface and is best for melting ice on concrete.

2. Wind chill affects the freeze/thaw cycle.

False: Wind chill does not affect the freeze/thaw cycle. The actual increase and decrease in temperature affect the ice melt cycle.

3. Any ice melt can work even in the coldest temperatures.

False: It is advisable to pick up ice melt based on where you live and the temperature variation. Some ice melts work up to -25 degrees Celsius, while others work only up to -15 degrees Celsius.

4. Ice melts are salt-free

False: Not all ice melts are salt-free. Most ice melts are a blend of ingredients comprising sodium chloride and other chlorides such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc.

Quicknote: Natural salt-free products are the best ice melt for blacktop driveway as it does not rust it.

5. Ice melt injures you.

False: If you are not careful using ice melt products, you will get injured. They are quite potent, so it is advisable to use gloves while applying them.

6. Ice melt products are all the same.

False: Every ice melt has a different blend and composition. Whether looking for the best ice melt for blacktop driveways to regular concrete ones, each product will react differently with the surface. They are not all the same.

7. Ice melt is a waste of money.

False: This is one of the biggest misconceptions about ice melt products. If used judiciously, they are an investment because they help you reduce the chances of meeting with typical snow-related injuries and accidents.

8. They are all bad for the environment.

False: Not all ice melts are bad for the environment. Carbonyl diamide, a salt-free natural deicer, acts as a fertilizer for the plants and nourishes them. High quantities of sodium chloride can damage the plants because they increase the salt composition in the water and the soil.

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9. They are harmful to pets and kids.

False: Every ice melt is a blend of two or more products. If kids and pets consume a blend accidentally, it may lead to stomach problems and itching or burning. However, natural ingredients such as carbonyl diamide in Safe Thaw do not harm or injure them.

10. We can make ice melt products at home.

False: We can try making ice melt products at home using DIY techniques, but they may not prove fruitful. Often, they help solve the problem temporarily and leave you with a bigger residue to clear.

11. Rock salt is best for melting ice on concrete.

False: It may be cheaper; however, it is not the only option. Prolonged use of rock salt can cause cracks on your blacktop or concrete surface and leave a whitish residue.

12. You can use warm water to deice

False: Warm water is not a substitute for ice melt products. It can temporarily melt the ice and refreeze if the temperature starts to fall again.

13. Ice melt cannot be stored until the next season.

False: If stored in a dry place, ice melt can last until the next season.

14. Ice melt cannot be used on roofs.

False: We can use ice melt products on the roof to avoid any ice or snow accumulation as it helps to melt the ice faster.


From choosing the best ice melt for blacktop driveway to creating a safety net every winter on your decks and roofs, these are the 14 most common misconceptions around ice melt products. Choosing natural salt-free ice melt products and reading the instruction manual before applying any product is advisable.

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